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Writing - Archived List  

Original Works:


Pygmallion Revisited (PG-13)
When You Come Back to Me (PG-13)
Till Human Voices Wake Us (PG)
Hello Little Boy (inspired by Little Red Riding Hood) (R)
Sorta a Faerytale (G)
Practical Magick (G)
The Garden of Aset (G)
Death Comes (NC-17)
Through a Glass, Darkly (PG-13)


Quilters (G)
Is Mother Teresa Dead? (PG-13)
Dead like Me (PG)
Untitled Poem and Poem Fragment (PG)
Everything (G)
Untitled (PG)
Bubblebee (PG)
Untitled (PG-13)
We Have Only This (G)
Wayward Lad (PG)
I am a Pilgrim on this Journey (G)



Olivia's Song (R)
The Parenthesis of Love-Making (R)

Legend of the Seeker:

Untitled (G)
I Am a Pilgrim on this Journey (NC-17)
A Full Measure of Our Love (G) (Challenge Version)
A Full Measure of Our Love (G) (Extended Version)
She Ain't Heavy... (PG)
The Absence of Fear (PG-15)
Love Letter (G)
My Northern Star (PG)
To Sleep, Perhaps to Dream (PG)
LegendLand Big Bang Challenge - Mother Confessors ficlits (G through NC-17)
Darken Rahl's Super Sekrit Dairy of Awesomeness (PG)
Necktie (PG-13)
Falling Like Snow (G)
In the Midlands, No One Can Hear You Scream (G)
WWKD - What Would Kahlan Do? (G)
A Triumphant Twang (R)
The Names May Change - Collaboration PicSpam Challenge (PG)

Remington Steele

When All is Lost (PG-13)

Alice in Wonderland (not the Scifi production):

A Time for Tea (PG-15)
Eight Rules for Wayward Victorian Girls (NC-17)


Simply Pleasing (G)
Yesterday (PG)
Long December (Hard PG-13; Mild R)
The Simple Things (PG)
The Child is Gone (PG-13)
Immortali (PG)
Ice Cream (PG)
What the DRD Saw (PG)
The Dance (G)
How Can I Not Love You? (PG)
The Harvest (PG)
The Letter (PG)
When I Saw You (PG)
In Passing (G)
Deus ex Machina (PG to PG-13)
Everything (PG to PG-13)
First Dance (G)
In These Small Hours (G)
Something Silly from the Uncharted Territories(G)

Gilmore Girls

The Last First Kiss (PG-13)
Reflecting Light (G)
What Was Lost (PG-13)
Of Apples and Birthday Wishes (PG)
A Once in a Lifetime Love (PG)
No More Candlelight (PG)

Earth 2

Rain (PG)
The Odd Couple (PG)
Five Things True Danziger Was Never Meant to See (PG-13 to mild R)
No Big Deal (G)


Morning in London (PG)
Eden's Not Enough (PG)

Battlestar Galactica

Stars (PG)
Tonight I Have Watched the Moon (PG)
Appreciating Poetry (PG)
BSG Poems (PG-13 to R)

Grey's Anatomy

I Scream, You Scream (PG)
Our Love Song (G - R)

Babylon 5

Perhaps to Dream (PG)
Meditations in Russian (PG to PG-13)
A Good Man (PG to PG-13)
I'd Like to See You (PG)
The Brightest Star (PG)
Cherry Blossoms (PG)
Mars Rising (PG-13)


In the Shadow of the Queen (PG)

Stargate Atlantis

A Bad Idea? (G to PG)
Three Kisses (PG)
The Green Eyed Boy and the Autumn Eyed Girl (PG to PG-13)
Walk Away (PG)
One Night (PG-13)
Freckles (NC-17)
Gravity (G to PG-13)
Inama Nushif (PG)
Say It with a Bouquet (G)
"Smores" Three Versions:Smores PG Version; Smores PG-13 Version; Smores NC-17 Version
Crystal Clear (PG)
Impulse (G)
Better Later Than Never (Over-all NC-17)
Not All Love is Unrequited (PG)
When Elizabeth (PG)
Local Customs (PG)
The Better Part (PG)
A Girl in Need of a Tourniquet (NC-17)
The Promise of Goodbye (PG)
I Wanna Hold Your Hand (PG)
In Vino Veritas (PG)

Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1

When the Student is Ready (PG)
Walking Elizabeth Home (G to NC-17)
Cue the Joshua Radin Song (NC-17)


Slow Dancing in a Burning Room (G)
If You Wanna Know (G)
The Kiss (PG)
A Place Called Home (PG)
And Who Avenges the Flowers? (R)
You Make Me Feel Like Dancing (PG)
Objects in Motion (NC-17)
Untitled (G)
Dandelion (G)

The Pretender

Collide (PG-13)
Notes (PG-13)


We Defy the Laws of Physics (G)
In Our Next Thirty Years (G)
True Colors (G)
De Repente (PG)
Do Not Disturb (PG-13)
Head Over Teacups (G)
Lessons in Physics (R)
What Angela Saw (Angela; Seeley) (G)
Considering Andy (PG)
One Sweet Love (PG-13)
At the Edge of a Fairy Tale (PG)
Movin' On (PG)
Extraordinary (Max; Seeley) (G)


Kyrumption (G)
Un Dia Llegara (PG)

The Hallows

Spelling it Out(PG-13)
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme (NC-17)

Doctor Who

Tea with Jackie (Ten II; Jackie Tyler) (G)
Goodnight Doctor (Ten/Rose) (G)
Forever it is Then (Ten) (G)
Flights of Angels (Ten/Rose)(PG)
A Human Reaction (Ten II/Rose) (NC-17)

Final Fantasy X-2

Cherish is the Word (PG)

Sailor Moon

And in Her Eyes...Moonlight (PG-15)


Amaryllis (G)
Dreaming (PG-13)

Tin Man

I Think I've Seen this Movie (PG)
~Teach Me~ Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee (First Stand-Alone Chapter) (PG)
Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like Bee (NC-17)
Once Upon a Dream (PG)
Pas de Deux (PG-15)

Meme Related

Drabble Meme/Picture Fics (various ratings)
Picture Fiction Meme (various ratings)
10 Character Drabble Meme (PG)

The X-Files

Vertex (PG)
Trading Yesterday (PG)


To Be Continued (PG)
Since You've Been Around (PG)
The Way to a Woman's Heart (G)
He Always Wanted to be a Ninja (G)
Cold Coffee (G)

Star Trek - Enterprise

Throw Your Arms 'Round Me, Feel My Heart Break (NC-17)

Here be Dragons: Never Never Land
Dreams on the Wind: awake
Voices in the Darkness: Fantastic Rose - Geoff Smith