09 April 2025 @ 02:20 am
Vids: Archived Music Video List  


Aeryn/John Vids

Yesterday ("Yesterday"-Paul McCartney)
When You Kiss Me ("When You Kiss Me"-Shania Twain)
Watch This ("Watch This"-Clay Walker)
Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right ("Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right"-Billy Currington)
Too Lost in You ("Too Lost in You"-Sugababes)
Absence of Fear ("Absence of Fear"-Jewel)
Aniron ("Aniron"-Enya)
Angels Weep ("Inner Vision"-Nakaido Reichi)
Secret Garden ("Secret Garden"-Bruce Springsteen)
Songbird ("Songbird"-Eva Cassidy)
Suteki da Ne ("Suteki da Ne"-Rikki)
Let's... (The improved version of "Take Our Time")
Take Our Time ("Take Our Time"-TLC)
Naked ("Naked" - Avril Lavgine)

Aeryn Vid
And All the World ("The World is Stone"-Cyndi Lauper)


John/Elizabeth Vids - Sparky

Let My Love Open the Door "Let My Love Open the Door"-Pete Townsend
The Fear You Won't Fall "The Fear You Won't Fall"-Joshua Radin
Call Me, Call Me "Call Me, Call Me"-Cowboy BeBop Soundtrack
Kiss the Girl "Kiss the Girl"-Ashley Tisdale
Kiss Her "Why Don't You Kiss Her?"-Jesse McCartney
Lost "Lost Carol"- Akira Yamaoka
Mr. & Mrs. Sparky - Right Where You Want Me "Right Where You Want Me"-Jesse McCartney

Elizabeth Vid
Waltzing With Elizabeth "Waltz"-Mary Chapin Carpenter


Christy/Neil Vids

so are you to me "so are you to me"-eastmountainsouth
Falling Into You "Falling Embers"-Enya

Legend of the Seeker

So Are You to Me "So Are you to Me" - Peter Bradley Adams
Falling Embers "Falling Embers - Enya

Comment if there are any that you might like re-uploaded.
Dreams on the Wind: awake
Voices in the Darkness: Too Lost in You - Sugababes
Here be Dragons: Never Never Land