09 April 2011 @ 10:21 pm
The Fandom Anime  
My old fandom characters as gaia/chibi - anime:

Bones and Seeley as Anime:
Ahhh... they're so cute *grin* )

John and Aeryn as Anime:
This is so wrong *grin* )

CB as vampire character "Pandora":
And here's CB as her vampire character from Queen of the Damned )

Sparky as Anime:
They might be more cute than is necessary *grin* )

Edit: Couldn't resist putting Sparky in Wedding clothes since it'll never be canon *sigh*

The wedding that will never be )

For [profile] flarn_chef
John and Delenn(not the original one, but I had to remake Delenn like this):
Edit: Oh, I found a very small one of the original Delenn

They are The One )

Credits: Used This Site and just paint to alter as needed. *grin*
Dreams on the Wind: cold
Voices in the Darkness: B5 podcast
Here be Dragons: Babylon 5