09 April 2011 @ 09:43 am
Enterprise Fic - " Throw Your Arms 'Round Me, Feel My Heart Break" Trip/T'Pol (NC-17)  

Disclaimer: Star Trek is own by the Gene Roddenberry estate, Paramount, and all the other grand high mucky mucks. No copyright infringement is intended and this story is merely meant for entertainment purposes. Any similarity to any story not my own (and I'm certain there are similarities to other stories I have written) are coincidence.

"Down in the Valley" is a traditional folk song. There are multiple versions of the lyrics, I just used one version that suited the story.

All songs and images belong to their respective owners.

Title: Throw Your Arms 'Round Me, Feel My Heart Break
Genre: For [livejournal.com profile] scifiland big bang challenge
Fandom: Star Trek Enterprise; Trip/T'pol
Theme: 'Ship on board Ship
Rating: NC-17; rated for sexual content
Timeline/Spoilers: This is meant to take place after "Harbinger" and just as T'pol is starting to recover from her trellium-D addiction.
Word Count: 6881

Author's Notes: So, for note, I have only watched Enterprise through Similitude in season three, this story is actually based on spoilers more than direct "knowledge." In addition, this is my first Star Trek story ever, so I have tried hard to capture their voices, but...

Throw Your Arms 'Round Me
Feel My Heart Break

~The heart has reasons which reason knows nothing of~
Blaise Pascal

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